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Why Do These 3 AI Detectors Stand Out?

I’m sure everyone reading this article knows about Google’s recent major algorithm spam-focused update.

What does Google have for its saying?

On March 3, Google published an article on their own blog where they said that Google has brought a new update.

Their focus in this update was to remove spam and unoriginal content from SERPs.

As a result, content from a large number of sites has been de-indexed and in some cases entire sites have been de-indexed by Google.

My Experience as a Content Creator

My journey as a content service provider started in 2011.

I have got 200+ clients in this long journey. Some of them would suggest me to rewrite some content. Of course, that content was their competitor’s content.

I would try to convince them that it is not possible to make a site good in the long run with content like this. And the ROI they are trying to gain is impossible.

To do well in the long run, you must provide informative with reference and user friendly content. They didn’t listen to me most of the time, I couldn’t continue working with them.

Because I knew that at some point the search engines will understand the rewriting of these contents.

So the content that was published earlier, Google will rank the original content, and penalize the rewritten content. And most of the time that site can also be penalized by Google and the possibility is very high.

And now comes the AI content. If you understand what is the problem with AI content, then you will understand that AI is your friend.

You give it a title, say a tone, and the AI immediately writes a blog post on top of that title.

And you see very nice words used here, sentence structure is very engaging. Then you think there can be no better article than this.

It has not yet been checked whether the article has met the purpose for which you were writing the article.

And that is giving information.

AI content is somewhat okay for giving advice without information. Even if you enrich a site with thousands of AI content, that website will eventually get penalized by search engines. More importantly, why should search engines crawl and index your site if your content has no information.

Building a website with AI content and copying a post from Wikipedia and posting it on your site is the same thing.

And you know very well that if you create a website with copy content from Wikipedia, search engine will never give priority to your site, always put Wikipedia ahead.

This article will introduce 3 AI content detectors. Which can detect very good AI content.

But you should always remember that none of these AI content detectors can measure content quality.

So let’s start.

AI Content Detector: My Top 3 Suggestions:


I put Copyleaks at number one.

After searching on Google, I saw that Copyleaks occupied the number one position.

As usual they have a demo option, I tried the demo and was impressed.

If you want to use a trusted AI content detector for less, Copyleaks is second to none.

It can detect all popular AI models such as ChatGPT, Gemini, and Cloud.

If you already have a website, now you want to remove the content that was written with AI.

Then Copyleaks can be an easy solution for you.

Because they have a feature called sitemap. With this sitemap feature, it automatically starts checking the content of each URL in the sitemap when you link to the sitemap.

And if you have an educational institution, where you want to check whether students have submitted any written content with AI, then they have that option too.

Originality AI

Originality AI main focus is AI content detection and plagiarism check.

There is an option to do AI detection and plagiarism check at the same time while checking after giving a content.

After the checking is done, two results are shown simultaneously as shown in the image above.

Website can be placed here if desired.

As Copyleaks was an opportunity to check students’ writing, there is no such opportunity here. So it can be said that it is not teacher friendly.


Originality AI has no chance to check any kind of demo. But there is an opportunity to check the demo to go to GPTZero. And of course it’s free.

This free check will only show what percentage is AI, and what percentage can be written by humans.

However, while saying both the results, no such sentence is said, where it will be mentioned that we are 100% sure that this percentage is written by AI, and this percentage is written by humans.

If you take a look at GPTZero’s features and the products it has the opportunity to integrate with, you will see that it is focused on the education sector.


In addition to the previously mentioned trio, there’s a plethora of AI detection service providers available online. However, I’ve omitted them from consideration due to a lack of innovation.

For those seeking top-notch AI content detection services, Copyleaks emerges as the prime choice.

Personally, I don’t fret much over AI or human-generated writing.

What truly matters is crafting content that’s enriching and caters to the specific needs of its intended audience. The epitome of great content cannot be replicated or assessed by any AI.

The creation and evaluation of superior content necessitate human intervention. While AI can serve as a valuable aid in expediting the writing process, the essence of crafting exceptional content lies in manual effort.

At the very least, AI can function as a helpful assistant in expediting the writing process.


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