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George Washington University: Parents voice concern over clash

Parents of George Washington University (GW) students expressed their frustration Wednesday afternoon following a confrontation between police and protesters on campus earlier that morning.

They called for the resignation of two top administrators: university president Ellen Granberg and provost Christopher Bracey.

“[Granberg] is giving false information to parents who are not involved, telling them that all attempts by the organization to talk to students have failed. This is not true,” one parent said. “Because she refused to talk to the students every time, that’s why we’re asking for her resignation.”

The parents were joined by professors and faculty from other DMV universities, including American University and George Mason University, who expressed solidarity with the students and frustration with the way the student protesters were treated.

“The Ellen Granbergs of this world represent and support this genocide and are willing to trample on the rights of their students in the name of allowing this genocide to continue,” one American university faculty member said during a press conference. “We support the basic demands of our students. We support the parents demanding the resignation of Provost Bracey and President Granberg. We support the cause of a free Palestine to boycott sales and sanctions.”

Parents emphasized their support for their children and the pro-Palestinian protesters. “Students are the conscience of our nation. They are the moral compass of this society and hold up a mirror to our politics,” said Barbara Wien. “I’m a GW parent and I teach at American University and I stayed in the camp with the students. They were democratic, they were peaceful.”

George Washington University students have expressed concern that the graduation ceremony is disrupting pro-Palestinian protests. “I myself have family in Gaza and like many others I have been completely disturbed by what is happening in Gaza in the first place in the completely fabricated genocide there which has been from the very beginning about the collective punishment of the people of Gaza,” said Dr. Amrmad Kour, faculty member at GW. “I was so moved by what our students at GW were able to produce in terms of a peaceful, well-disciplined and well-organized protest on our campus.”

Organizers of the news conference said a letter had been sent to the GW board of trustees condemning university officials for their “botched response” that led to the “unnecessary and dangerous” police raid on students.

One parent expressed regret for sending their child to GW. “Why did we send our students to GW? Because it’s one of the most respected educational institutions in the country,” she said. “We assumed they would [find] the best educators, the best education, and the best treatment, and not have hypocritical administrators who threaten them. Do you think we would ever send our children somewhere where we have even a single doubt? that they will be in danger. Of course they would No.”

”We will no longer remain silent,” said parents at a briefing on Wednesday. They said at least 79 parents have signed a letter sent to GW’s board of trustees and are awaiting a response from the university.


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