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Taiwan’s East Coast Shaken by 80 Earthquakes

Taiwan’s East Coast Shaken by 80 Earthquakes

Taiwan experienced a flurry of seismic activity, with over 80 earthquakes striking the east coast from Monday evening into the early hours of Tuesday...

China’s Guangdong braces for devastating floods as rivers swell

China's Guangdong province braces for potentially devastating floods as major rivers, waterways, and reservoirs swell, prompting emergency measures to safeguard over 127 million residents. Describing...

Glacial melting in Pakistan: An impending threat

Pakistan host more glaciers than any other place in the world outside of the polar regions. However, with the ongoing climate change, it is...

Unusual rains in Pakistan, death toll rises to 39

PAKISTAN: Heavy rainfall wreaked havoc in several parts of Pakistan, with the death toll rising to 39 in rain-related incidents on Tuesday. The rains initially...
Image of landslides triggered by showers in northern Pakistan

Untimely showers hit north Pakistan, amid global climate concerns

Pakistan: As the world grapples with the far-reaching impacts of climate change, rain-related incidents have claimed lives and caused widespread disruption in northern Pakistan’s...

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