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Trump Leads Presidential Race in CNN Poll

Former President and Republican leader Donald Trump is currently leading the US presidential election race, surpassing incumbent President Joe Biden, according to a recent poll conducted by CNN. This comes amidst Trump facing legal challenges, including a trial on criminal charges.

Stable Approval Ratings for Trump

The CNN survey indicates that Trump’s approval rating among registered voters has remained consistent with previous findings. 49 percent of registered voters expressed their support for Trump, mirroring the results of a January poll conducted earlier this year.

In contrast, Biden’s support appears to be dwindling. The poll revealed that 43 percent of respondents expressed support for Biden, down from 45 percent in the previous January poll.

Perception of Trump’s Presidency

Despite polarizing opinions, a significant portion of voters perceive Trump’s presidency positively. 55 percent of participants in the poll believe that Trump has succeeded as president, while 44 percent consider his presidency a failure.

However, the perception of Biden’s performance as president is less favorable. 61 percent of respondents in the recent poll deemed Biden’s presidency as unsuccessful so far, compared to 57 percent in a January 2022 poll conducted a year after he assumed office.

Biden Faces Declining Support

Public sentiment towards President Joe Biden has taken a negative turn, with a recent CNN poll revealing that 60 percent of respondents do not support him as president. Only 40 percent of the surveyed individuals expressed support for President Biden.

CNN’s polls over the past year have consistently shown similar public sentiment regarding President Biden, indicating a steady trend in the perception of his presidency.

The CNN poll was conducted from April 18 to 23, with a sample size of 1,212 individuals randomly selected nationwide. Of these, 967 were registered voters. The survey utilized online and direct telephone interviews to gather data.

Decline in Support Among Young Voters

Notably, the poll indicates a significant decline in President Biden’s support among young voters compared to previous surveys by CNN. Among voters under the age of 35, support for Biden dropped from 51 percent to 40 percent.

Alternative Candidates

In addition to Biden and former President Trump, respondents were also asked about independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Colonel West, as well as Green Party candidate Jill Stein. The results showed 42 percent support for Trump, 33 percent for Biden, 16 percent for Kennedy, 4 percent for West, and 3 percent for Stein among all surveyed individuals.

Why is Donald Trump leading the US presidential race according to the recent CNN poll?

Trump’s lead in the poll is attributed to consistent support among registered voters and a decline in support for incumbent President Joe Biden.

What are the key findings regarding public perception of Trump and Biden’s presidencies in the poll?

The poll indicates that a significant portion of voters view Trump’s presidency positively, while sentiment towards Biden’s presidency has declined.

How did support for President Biden fare among young voters in the recent CNN poll?

Support for President Biden among young voters notably declined, dropping from 51 percent to 40 percent compared to previous surveys.


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